COVID-19 Protocol

Information regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 has unfortunately disrupted our practice and our lives in ways we did not imagine and could not have prepared for. The reality is, our lives and the way we treat our patients has drastically changed in the past few months. As a result, we have had to make several changes to our practice to ensure the safety of our staff and patients, in accordance with CDC and ADA guidelines, as well as the local changes recommended by the Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Dental Association.

We have always been passionate about clinical safety and health, and as oral healthcare providers, striven to provide the best care possible in a clean and well-maintained environment. Our care has become even more laser-focused on additional protocols and personal protective equipment that goes above and beyond to ensure safety for all parties and prevent the spread of not only COVID-19, but any other communicable disease that would threaten our staff and patients alike.

You may notice that upon arrival, some chairs may be marked off or missing as to ensure we maintain social distancing. You will also notice we are asking that you use hand sanitizer upon entry, and we will be taking temperatures to ensure that anyone entering our facility has been properly screened. We ask that you arrive with masks, continue to wear them until your appointment has begun, then place the mask back on when your appointment is complete. Any future appointments that need to be made must be done either in the treatment room or over the phone, as to minimize the contact time in the office.

You will also notice the staff wearing additional personal protective equipment, such as masks, face shields, and hair nets. We have acquired high-volume suctions, which will eliminate up to 90% of aerosols during your procedure, thus reducing airborne germ and virus particles. The front desk is sanitizing any high-traffic areas every hour, and has sneeze guards in place to ensure proper protection for everyone as well.

**Unfortunately due to the rising cost of Personal Protective Equipment and the dramatic changes we were required to make, an additional charge of $10 must be added to each appointment, effective immediately. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and our primary goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy during their visit at Periodontal Associates. 

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