How Your Heart Can Benefit from Regular Cleanings

We all know it is important to keep our teeth clean and prevent cavities for our oral health, but did you know that keeping your teeth healthy also has an impact on the health of your heart? While it is important to get cleanings at regular intervals, research has shown that even having your teeth professionally cleaned one time in your life may reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.1

The important thing is to have your teeth scraped or scaled at least once in your lifetime, and doing just that will lower your risk of heart attack by 24%. Not only that, but having this hygienic procedure performed can lower your risk of having a stroke by 13%.1 Although only having this done one time will lower your chances of said heart attack or stroke, having your teeth scaled at least once a year is even more beneficial.

This practice is even important for those showing no signs of dental problems, as having your teeth cleaned has important health benefits for the rest of the body, not just oral health. Research also suggests that having your teeth scaled can reduce inflammation-causing bacteria as well as improve blood vessel function and keep your blood flowing properly.

While new research is still being conducted on the matter, the new findings are consistent with previous research showing that those with gum disease were more likely to have heart disease and women with the issue were more likely to deliver preterm babies.

This new study is still being analyzed and followed up on, but the truth is that having your teeth scaled is certainly a good idea without any downside.1 Taking good care of your gums is a collaborative effort between you and your dentist, and this procedure can help improve your overall health.

Having a Healthy Heart and Mouth in Pennsylvania

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